Lahti 1000 & 700
Lahti 1000 & 700 Lahti 1000 & 700 Lahti 1000 & 700 Lahti 1000 & 700


The Lahti is an elegant two-ring chandelier range, breathing life into any room with its simplistically beautiful design. 

The lightweight, seamless frames appear to float when held by the subtle suspension cables, also disguising the internal wiring to give a clean, sharp look. These cables are easily adjusted to alter the light hanging angle as desired.

Light from the efficient (Energy Class: A) internal LED configuration is dispersed through the hundreds of hand-assembled acrylic diffusers, spreading an even glow adjustable by dimmer. Light is directed either internally or externally of the rings, depending on the range variation.

All fittings and fixtures are included.

Please contact us for pricing information, or for quotations on customisations of this product.

Watch the below video to see our design philosophy and methodology.


General Specifications

Tier Dimensions: (4 x 100cm), (4 x 70cm)
Weight: 2.9kg
Light Source: Warm White LED configuration (Energy Class A)
Voltage Input: 240/110V
Voltage Output: 12V (Step down transformer included within ceiling rose)
Wattage: 33w
Ceiling Rose: Steel circular 5 x 24cm
Working Temperature: -30/ +85
Luminous Count: 112/meter
Working Life Time: 50000 Hour 
Dimmer Capacity: 5%-100%
Suspension Cable: 6 x 1.5mm adjustable steel cable
Drop Height: As required
Certification: CE (UK/Europe), ETL/UL (USA). We will ensure product is specified to independent country regulations depending on your location.
Colour: For powder coat colour options please see our Downloadable RAL Colour Chart 
Metal Finishes: Brushed, Polished, Antiqued or Burnished


Variations and Customisation

Our products are fabricated and assembled in-house, so we are able to fully customise this design. We can customise the following components:

Tier/Ring Material: Copper, Brass or Gold-Plated (24 Carat).
Tier/Ring Finish: Gloss, Matt, Brushed on Antiqued
Light Diffuser/Dispenser: Acrylic or Glass
Light Source: LED colour variants
Tier/Ring Dimensions: Rings from 20-300cm in Diameter

Please email us for a quotation of your desired variants.