• The Lahti 100 follows the genealogy of the Lahti but presents a 100mm profile. The less delicate profile changes the impact this pendant has on a space, while staying true to the original aesthetic of simplicity and elegance. The crystal profile diffusers give a sparkling glow which can sit either internally or externally and be alternated between rings.
    Bespoke options and design service available.

    Download Lahti100 Specification Sheet


  • Profile size:100x50mm.
    Bespoke options available, up to 8 rings from 80 to 220cm diameters. Integral LED lighting. Polished and brushed metal or powder coated finishes available.

    Light Source: External or internal crystal profile diffusers.
    LED ribbon, CRI>95, ~ 50K hours life.
    LED standard colour temperature options: 2700K and 3000K
    (other temperatures available on request)

  • Polished/Brushed Metal finishes and full range of RAL Colours available.


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