• Introducing Vetta, the debut piece from Cameron Design House's magnificent Baltic series.

    Designed by Creative Director Ian Cameron and inspired by his Finnish heritage, the Baltic series delves into the intricate facets of Finland's landscape — Water, Snow, Wind, and Ice. The Baltic series captures the essence of the region's natural beauty. 

    The first piece, Vetta, embodies the fluidity and luminosity of its namesake element - water. Through a delicate interplay of static symmetry and light, hand-cut and polished glass elements form perfect linear shapes. Illuminated from within by subtle light sources, these glass pieces create a shimmering brilliance, evoking the ethereal glow of sunlight filtering through ice beneath the ocean's surface.

    Vetta's versatile design allows for customisable configurations, from clustered waves adorning entrance halls to graceful vertical cascades enhancing stairwells - the possibilities are endless.

    Bespoke options and design service available.

    Download Vetta Specification Sheet


  • Fully adjustable drop height on coaxial suspension cables. Hung from modular pre wired ceiling rose sections for bespoke configurations.

    Light Source: Glass diffusers. Integrated G4 LED Bulb.
    LED lights, CRI>80, ~ 50K hours life.
    LED standard colour temperature options: 2.7k, 3k and 6k (other temperatures available on request)
    Power to fixtures: Via braided power cable.
    Light Output: decorative lighting element only.
    Indicative Lumen level available on request.

    LED Driver: Triac Dimmable (5%-100%) as standard,
    All dimming protocols available on request.
    Wattage dependent on sizing.
    Output Voltage: 12V.
    Input Voltage: 110V-230V-277V, to be specified.

  • Polished/Brushed metal finishes and full range of RAL Colours available.



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