Bespoke Design


Every step of the design and manufacturing process of our products are performed in-house at our Primrose Hill studio to ensure quality and creative control. Therefore we are fully equipped to tailor our current designs for your needs, or work with you to deliver on uniquely bespoke solutions for your setting.



Wether you're looking to stage your property, perform a facelift on a commercial space, or looking for flexible interior makeover options, we offer a leasing service to fit your needs.

View our product catalogue for our current available range.

Please contact us indicating which products you are interested, your location, and duration of intended lease period.



Want to know what our lights look like in your home, commercial property or business?

We offer a unique consulting experience in which we can visit your property with our 3D scanner to give you a visual representation and advice of designs (current or bespoke) for your property or business.

This service is usually limited to our United Kingdom clients, but please enquire regardless of location as we may have affiliates in your area.