Bespoke Kitchen Lighting

Design Tips: Kitchen Lighting

marzo 02, 2022

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the home. With the popularity of open plan living, kitchens often share space with dining rooms and sitting rooms transforming them into the central hub for family activities. Lighting is the single most important feature that can transform the mood, and function within a space. Whatever the style of your home, lighting tricks can add instant wow to any space.

Ian Cameron, our Creative Director, shares his top tips when it comes to lighting a kitchen…




1) Kitchen island

A kitchen island is the main focus of a room as it often sits centrally within the space. A large chandelier floating above an island will luminate the area, complimenting the space around it, making a bigger statement whilst highlighting the main feature. Our Haara chandelier has a crystal like effect hand drawn into the glass, which has then been finished with a burnish brass metal to complete the look. This provides a touch of glamour from a chandelier that emits a gentle luminous glow, highlighting the silhouette of the shape, which reflects nicely over the island. Simplicity is key when making a statement.

Modern Chandelier in Dining room



2) Kitchen Lighting Centrepiece

A sculptural lighting centrepiece creates elegance and style when floating above a kitchen island or a dining table. Lighting that highlights the most used area of a kitchen will cause eyes to naturally gravitate to the glistening chandelier. An effortless way to change a room from average to chic, whether it's a classic chandelier or something big and bold, make a statement with a unique centrepiece.



3) Kitchen layered Pendants

As an alternative to a singular sculptural chandelier, try three identical hanging pendant fixtures over the centre of the kitchen. Or experiment with a layered approach to lighting which creates an illusion of a higher ceiling. Up and coming lighting brand ‘Empty State’ is a good place for inspiration with a variety of pendants that provide classic but contemporary pieces for a timeless yet stylish feel. The Pill pendant is the dream design for these looks. They come in 2 different sizes and they are able to be arranged in any way that is suited to the client. A simple feature which accessories the room beautifully.



4) Linear Lighting Room with coving / cabinet lighting

Kitchen lighting is often a forgotten feature in many homes. From a spot light to a sculptural piece, lighting is the solution to sprucing up dull spaces and naturally lifting anyone's mood. Highlighting forgotten corners is a way to modernise a space without changing and refurbishing the entire kitchen. Linear lights around upper cabinets or coving lights is a way to elevate a room, which sets an illusion of a wider space. Choosing a warm light tone sets a calm atmosphere to the surroundings, a lovely feeling whilst having dinner with loved ones.



5) Black and brass finishes

There are many options to choose from when it comes to metal finishes. Brass is extremely popular in all aspects of interior design. It’s found in kitchen appliances, home décor, bathrooms, tables and of course lighting. A classic choice is polished brass. It's difficult to dislike and a safe option when choosing a finish. It is a very versatile metal that suits most room colours and is timeless, elegant and stylish. Polished brass oozes a luxuries feel in any space which adds warmth creating a calming ambience.

Our new favourite trend for 2022 is black anodised finish. The contrast of dark and light is a modern and sleek way to add a touch of luxury to a home. A black and brass lighting fixture adds sophistication and style to a room whilst supporting the ultra modern look.

 Not forgetting burnished brass. This is very popular when it comes to hotels, trendy restaurants and bars. The burnished finish adds an industrial feel, instantly lifting a room to a contemporary space. This versatile finish works in a variety of settings, particularly dark settings, which bring out the brilliance of the wonderful two effects of this metal.