Featured Project: HTA Studio

Featured Project: HTA Studio

giugno 12, 2023

HTA has transformed a heritage warehouse into their new studio. The warehouse was built in 1868, and for over 150 years has been used as a place of invention, manufacture, and storage. Originally divided into four separate buildings, the warehouse has now been connected into one unified workspace for HTA Design’s 200 staff through the addition of mezzanine floors, staircases, and rooflights.

Drama is provided with double-height spaces and sculptural chandeliers. As part of the transformation, Cameron Design House designed four custom-made chandeliers: a cluster of Torsa chandeliers and a bespoke Vesanto light.


The Torsa chandelier features brass discs with a mirrored face that transforms into a radiant eclipse of light when illuminated. The mirrored nature of the piece brings its surrounding features to life within the design. Each disc is individually suspended at opposing angles, reflecting light off one another to ensure a glowing sculptural statement. 

The Vesanto’s strong geometric form and simple, clean lines beautifully complement the Torsas and together form an interesting dynamic. The chandeliers are beautifully framed by the large iron windows and can be admired from both indoors and outdoors.

 Torsa Chandelier close-up

Torsa at HTA