Introducing The Capsule Collection In Collaboration With 2LG Studio

Introducing The Capsule Collection In Collaboration With 2LG Studio

ottobre 08, 2018


"Collaboration forwards design. When we met 2LG at Milan Design Week last year and got on like a house on fire, we knew that we could create something beautiful together ~ resulting in the Capsule collection! The Capsule collection epitomises design meeting practicality." Ian Cameron, Creative Director of CDH

Cameron Design House 2LG Studio Capsule Collection

The challenge was to take the classic strip light and re-imagine it in a contemporary context. “We love to disrupt the norm and wanted to do just that with our Victorian property. The lights are a key part of that for us. Bringing an ultra modern edge to the period architecture. Making strip lights sexy.” 2LG

2LG Capsule Collection Cameron Design House

We interview 2LG to give you a further insight to the new Capsule Collection:

  • How did the collaboration between CDH x 2LG come together?
We met Ian and Simeon in Milan earlier this year. We hit it off straight away and planted a seed about collaborating! As soon as we got back to London we brainstormed some ideas and arranged a meeting with the boys to pitch our ideas!
  • What upcoming interiors trends are you seeing for 2019?
We hate the word "Trend” it’s so commercially driven. For us it’s all about having what you love feguardless of trends. We are big into long term purchases and not encouraging fleeting fads. If you love Blue but lilacs on trend... have blue. The only person to please is yourself!
  • What is the concept behind the 'Capsule' pendant?
It started at home. Our home. This year we have renovated our kitchen studio space. It takes up three quarters of our ground floor and we wanted to create lighting that was functional and beautiful. We started with a fluorescent strip light as a base and went from there. In all honesty the finished lights are almost identical W to our initial sketches. We wanted to make something that felt familiar yet alien at the same time. Colour is also very important to us so it had to feature colour. We are often drawn to what other may see as ugly. This intrigues us. SO we loved the idea of taking a strip light and making it sexy. 
  • How did you decide on the name 'Capsule'?
We kept coming back to this word because it describes the light in a very clean and authentic way. It is simple and for us, simplicity is pure luxury. The lights have a pill shape and look like you could break the glass in case of emergency to release a life giving substance. It is so beautifully crafted, yet playful. 
  • The piece is available is green, pink, brushed brass and blue, how come you decided on these colours?
These have become the core colours of our life over the past 5 years and they feel like part of us. 
  • Where can you imagine is the perfect space for the Capsule pendant?
We like to disrupt spaces and for us this light works in both modern and period settings. There is an exciting tension when you place a bold modern statement in a classical or persion setting. They would be equally at home on a space ship from the future or on the set of a Kubrick movie. 
  • Can you describe the Capsule pendant in 3 words?
 Authentic, Bold, Life-Giving. 

A list of further suppliers in 2LG's beautiful home transformation project:

John Lewis of Hungerford


Olivia Aspinall Studio




Georg Jensen