Lighting Trends for 2023 With Ian Cameron

Lighting Trends for 2023 With Ian Cameron

gennaio 04, 2023

Top Lighting Trends for 2023 as predicted by our Creative Director, Ian Cameron. 


Mirrored brass is a finish we will see across all lighting in the new year, from accent pieces to statement pendants. Engagingly opulent and glamorous, its natural light-reflecting qualities deliver a classic yet contemporary look, helping to reflect light around the room. Our Torsa chandelier features suspended brass discs at opposing angles that work together to highlight this dynamic and multi-dimensional material.

Torsa Chandelier - 2023 Lighting Trends
Torsa Chandelier Close Up - 2023 Lighting Trends


Large and sculptural chandeliers are here to stay in 2023. Homeowners are seeking unique pieces for their homes that create maximum impact and lighting will be the focal point of any room design. Beautifully crafted, oversized and extravagant light fittings like our Halti and Kuulas pieces will take centre stage.

Halti Chandelier - 2023 Lighting Trends
Kuulas Chandelier Cameron Design House



Our homes will continue to feature nature-inspired design. Sculptural lighting inspired by the natural world - such as our Inari chandelier which is inspired by Lake Inari in Finland – adds a welcome softness and fluidity to interiors.

Custom Inari Chandelier
Inari Chandelier - 2023 Lighting Trends


From unusual shapes to innovative materials, there is an increased desire from customers looking to be more daring in their design choices. There will be a demand for unusual and eye-catching light pieces that challenge the everyday and are show-stopping art forms in themselves – such as our Helmi light, inspired by a fishing trip to Finland.

Helmi Light Cameron Design House
2023 Lighting Trends


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