Spotlight on: INARI

Spotlight on: INARI

aprile 04, 2023

An incredibly timeless piece, the Inari chandelier is an awe-inspiring design that truly showcases our organic exploration of nature and movement.

Inari Chandelier Cameron Design House

With Nordic design at the heart of our collection, the Inari chandelier is inspired by Lake Inari in Finland. A sculptural design offering a seamless, uninterrupted flow of light, each light is hand rolled and hand polished by skilled artisans in our workshop – meaning no two are ever the same.

The entwining design flawlessly blends the fluidity and movement found in nature through a single piece of metal, resulting in a never-ending light design that is more of an art piece than a light fixture.

Inari Chandelier Polished Brass

Inari Sculptural Chandelier

An eye-catching focal point in any residential or commercial project, each Inari is made fully bespoke due to its sculptural nature. Sizing and configurations can be tailored to each individual request.

Inari Bespoke Chandelier

 Images: Zinc Textile