Stairwell Chandeliers

Stairwell Chandeliers

maggio 02, 2023

A stairwell is an opportunity to create a wow factor in a contemporary home and lighting is a key design element for any staircase.

A sculptural chandelier can enhance the space and add visual interest on all levels. While trends come in waves, an elegant chandelier in the middle of a staircase is a timeless design choice. Our favourite chandeliers for a statement stairwell are:


The award-winning Kuulas chandelier focuses on making a statement through modular design. All the glass pearls have been individually hand-blown by artisans.

Bespoke Stairwell Chandelier


Statement Chandelier

Images Credit: Isabel Gomez Studio 


‘Clients are drawn to the Kuulas chandelier for its unique and dynamic shape and the large options in terms of colours and configurations.’ Imogen, Head of Projects and Sales at Cameron Design House.

The largest Kuulas chandelier we designed took centre stage in a West Village townhouse in New York, at 13.5m long.

See the project here: West Village Townhouse Chandelier



Designed to be hung vertically like a weeping willow branch, the Haara Metsa is a unique, contemporary light ideal for a stairwell. As with anything, the beauty is in the details. The light element is concealed, resulting in a beautiful lighting diffuser, which can be admired when turned off as much as when it is in use. 

One of our favourite projects is a 20.1m long Haara Metsa, stretching over 6 floors and completely transforming a stairwell in a New York townhouse. The curved nature of the light perfectly complements the fluid movement of the winding staircase banister.

Staircase Luxury Lighting


Staircase Chandelier


The delicate structure, inspired by Finland’s tranquil lakes, delivers a subtle yet show-stopping feature that explores space and equilibrium. Comprised of rings suspended at different heights, the Lohja creates a striking, balanced sculptural form which changes appearance from each angle. This iconic Cameron Design House chandelier won various awards including the International Design and Architecture Award for best Pendant/Chandelier.

Modern Staircase Lighting


In addition to a stunning chandelier, consider using additional layers of light to illuminate the staircase. When choosing lighting, there is just one rule: the more options, the better. Think about architectural lighting such as recessed lights, wall lights at different levels and even table lamps on landings that complement your chandelier and enable you to create different moods for various occasions.

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