Capsule Alas

  • The 'Capsule Alas' pendant from the 'Capsule' collection ~ a collaboration between innovative design duo 2LG and Cameron Design House. The challenge was to take the classic strip light and re-imagine it in a contemporary context.  “We love to disrupt the norm and wanted to do just that with our Victorian property. The lights are a key part of that for us. Bringing an ultra modern edge to the period architecture. Making strip lights sexy.” 2LG.
    Bespoke options and design service available.

    Download Capsule Specification Sheet


  • Integral LED lighting. Machined aluminium, scientific glass and an acrylic diffuser.

    Light Source: LED standard colour temperature options: 2700K and 3000K
    (other temperatures available on request).
    Colours: Powder coated paint available in Tropical Green, Flamingo Pink, Electric Blue and Brushed Brass.

  • Capsule standard finishes

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